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My art efforts started when I saw "Between the Folds" a documentary about folded paper art.  Paul Jackson showed what could be made with just one fold.  It was beautiful. Then I saw Richard Sweeney's art, which has inspired years of my models using curved knife pleats.   


I returned to metal recently, making a series of meditation figures and the table centerpieces.  I continue to think of ways to fold a single sheet of material into a shape that sings.  Fortunately, a two dimensional sheet is an excellent partner for three dimensional art.  It follows directions precisely and is able to hold shapes from a gentle arch to a completely flattened crease.  

My current big step is moving away from the stark, single sheet art piece, devoid of context.  Multiple sheets, different media, pedestals, frames - I am leaping into a larger void which I am happy to fill.

Want to chat about my work? Drop me a line.

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